Monday, August 28, 2006

I'm getting a pair

So, I saw a very interesting piece on Outside the Lines yesterday.
Stephon Marbury is introducing and endorsing the 'Starbury One' a sneaker that sells for, get this $14.95.

That's right parents, there are no missing digits in that above price.
In an era where Air Jordans go for nearly $200 (American) and Lebron's signature shoe will set you back about $125.

The piece I saw on TV stated that the shoes are pretty much all constructed the same way, but there were plenty of questions about the $15 shoe having the same cachet (particularly with teens) as the higher priced footwear. We're talking an order of magnitude here folks. At the same cost to outfit one kid with Air Jordans, you can shoe your entire roster with Starbury Ones.

I will do my part and pick up a pair, as soon as I can figure out where to get them...


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