Sunday, August 20, 2006

How about a retinal scanner attached to my laptop?

Today I was once again frustrated attempting to retrieve some information from an account online (my IBM 401K). I couldn't remember my password, actually I couldn't remember my user ID either, but when I hit the "forgot Password" link, I learned that my user ID is really my social security number (on other accounts, it is mkudla on others it is kudlam, on some work accounts, it is my badge #...etc...).

Today's episode was a classic, I was told that my updated password would be mailed (not e-mailed) within 2 business days (how 20th century is that?) to my permanent address on file. Of course, the reason why I was accessing the account online is because my permanent address (who has a permanent address any more?) was obsolete. When I tried to update it, I was denied, because I couldn't login, because I didn't know my password.

This crap happens to me at least once a week. Between work (Windows domain(s), e-mail, Time Sheet, Benefits, 401K...) and personal (hotmail, expedia, amazon, google, bank, ticketmaster, cell phone, credit cards, stubhub....) I estimate I have at least 2 dozen different accounts I log on to, all with varying frequency. It's not just passwords, it's user names (or IDs).

This whole online thing sucks


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