Monday, July 24, 2006

There's no fish in the Nashua River

So, this is my 2nd summer lving in a condominium complex along the Nashua River.
I do not own a boat, or even a canoe, but I enjoy getting my line wet from any number of positions (along the river).

Though no one would ever mistake me for a fisherman, last year, I caught a number of blue gills ( good fighters) , several perch and even a couple of bass. Almost every time I cast, I got at least a nibble.

This year, virtually nothing. A couple hard nibbles, and that is it. I know the fish population in the river is way down. Last year, on a sunny day, you could see the sunfish teeming. This year, not so much.

I attribute it to the hard rains and floods we had in late spring that washed all kindsa crap into my river. I throw this out to see if others can corroborate this, not just on the Nashua River, but other rivers 'round here.


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