Sunday, July 23, 2006

Do you know why Babe Ruth didn't take steroids?

Because they weren't available in his day. Plain and simple.

To some how put players in the "pre-steroid" era on some pedestal and to proclaim that their statistics are more legitimate is flat out ludicrous.

Heck, Babe Ruth didn't even have to compete against the best players of his time (or at least a good portion of them). He got by on his prodigious natural talents. His idea of workout was sevens (hot dogs, women, and cigars, 7 of each).

Mickey Mantle could've potentially approached Ruth's HR record, if he took halfway decent care of himself and didn't go out boozing all the time.

Steroids aside, the work ethic of guys like Bonds, Clemens, etc is something the ballplayers of yesterday could never approach. These guys are amazing athletes and deserve at least much acclaim and praise has the older guys....

I wish these sanctimonious sports writers would get off their soap boxes and realize that.


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