Sunday, August 20, 2006

Preseason Football Stinks

I watched my Giants the other night against KC. They looked great and won 17-0.
The Patriots were equally impressive last night in a 30-3 lambasting of the Cardinals.

So what? They're exhibition games. I hate exhibition games. All you do is pray that none of your team's key players get hurt. What fun is that? It just makes the wait for the start of the season more interminable.

What's the fix? Easy. The NFL went one step in the right direction nearly 30 years ago. Teams used to play SIX preseason games and 14 regular season games. Prior to the 1978 season, the schedule was amended to 4 exhibition games and 16 regular games. Much better. Let's do it again. 2 preseason games is plenty. Let's play 18 REAL games. I am ready for some FOOTBALL!!


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