Sunday, August 20, 2006

Boston Massacre

When my daughter graduated from Providence College this past spring, I promised I would provide her two tickets to this weekend's big tilt at Fenway. I'm a lifelong Yankees' fan. Emily, born and raised in New England, roots for the Red Sox. It was only May, but we already figured this mid-August series would be huge.

I waited til the last minute, then ponied up a small fortune for 2 rightfield grandstand seats via Stubhub (the best of the legal scalper sites, in my opinion). I grudgingly put on a Boston hat and promised Emily I would not root for the Evil Empire, for this one day at least. We got there early and grabbed our seats. They were decent unobstructed view of everything but the extreme right field corner.

Spending time with my first-born was the highlight of the day. The game was a bomb. It was long and ugly, particularly for the Sox fans. I kept to my word and didn't gloat. Even as a Yankee fan, I didn't find the game particularly enjoyable but a W is a W.

Are the Sox done? Too early to tell. We all know what happened the last time the Yanks won the first 3 games of a big series against the Boston nine :-)

Any trip to Fenway park is a good time for me. Being able to enjoy it with my daughter, who has blossomed into a pretty hard-core fan, makes it all the more so...

Maybe next time we'll see a well-played close, exciting contest. You can bet there will be a next time.


At 6:44 AM, Blogger Pete said...

The pain, the pain....


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