Monday, August 28, 2006

The Way the Game is supposed to be played

I just got done watching the Little League World Series championship game. It was riveting.
Dominant pitching, tight defense, one key hit (2-run homer) and the boys from Georgia won 2-1.
I enjoyed it immensely.

Last Saturday, I journeyed to Fenway Park (already chronicled on this blog) and watched an excrutiating 13-5 game. Tons of bases on balls, shoddy defense an a couple long balls.

Gimme a 2-1 game where the outcome turns on a single play against a 13-5 slug/walk fest where the biggest challenge is to stay awake.

That's the way the big leaguers played when I was a kid (tight close games), but we've lost it. Can we ever get back?


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