Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Joys of owing a Home

So after 3 1/2 years living in a condo, where someone else does the gardening, mowing and the snow plowing, we moved into a house last weekend, just in time for the snow storms.

Naturally, the snow blower the previous owners left has issues. The shovel works just like I remember, except it seems to take a lot longer and I have to pause a lot more frequently, before the driveway is cleared.

The house is way too big for us and the furnace runs constantly. Lord only knows how much the electric bill will run every month...

On the plus side, the hot tub is awesome for soaking the tired old bones after a bout of shoveling.
The pool table (also inherited from the previous owners) means the kids come over a lot to play.

The neighbors have been great, and the pooch loves the big, fenced in back yard.

Maybe this owning a house isn't so bad after all...

You think we're done with snow until next December???


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