Monday, August 27, 2007

Barry Bonds

Unlike with Mr. Vick, I am not, in anway conflicted over Barry Bonds and his amazing accomplishment this summer. HE HAS HIT MORE HOME RUNS THAN ANY MAJOR LEAGUER IN THE HISTORY OF BASEBALL!!!

I listen to the talking heads talk about cheating and the importance of a level playing field and I shake my head and laughs.

Cheating is practically institutionalized in baseball. It always has been!

The notion of a "level playing field", I find particularly preposterous. One of the charms of our national pasttime is , there is no such thing as a level playing field. Every ballpark is different.

How many more home runs would Joe D have hit if his home park didn't have Death Valley, in left field?

How many fewer home runs would Hank Aaron have hit if he didn't play at the launching pad?
Lord have mercy, Davey Johnson hit 40 HRs one year in that bandbox.

Don't deny Barry his greatness. He's the best ballplayer you will ever see.


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