Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super Sunday

The chili is simmering on the back burner....the beers are chillin' out on the porch (better not leave them out too long, the New England winter has finally arrived).

The hot sauce is made, the wings are good to go, the shrimp cocktail is all set.

All we are lacking is the kick-off, still some 4 hours away.

Speaking of which, it appears to be a fairly even battle between two storied NFL franchises.
I look forward to a good hard-hittng, hard-fought entertaining battle.

I fear the Colts will come out of the gate quickly and crush the Bears.
If the Monsters of the Midway can withstand the first couple of onslaughts of Peyton's crew
it could very well be their game.

Who you got?

Colts 41 Bears 17 is my prediction but I am hoping for a much more competitive game.


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