Thursday, December 28, 2006

Say a Prayer for No. 1

Update: The news is not good.
I'm still pullin' for you Bobby. I hope Red Sox nation can put aside our differences and pull for you as well....

God Bless #1

Bobby Murcer, was set to have brain surgery today, to remove a tumor.

The fans of Red Sox Nation probably don't remember much about Bobby, as he patrolled centerfield in Yankee Stadium at a time when The Rivalry, was pretty quiescent (69- 74).

As for me, he was a hero of my youth. Although he was saddled with the expectations of being, "the next Mickey Mantle", he was more like a precursor of dirt-dogs like Trot Nixon.

Though the Scooter will always be the radio voice of the Yankees for fans of my vintage, I have come to learn that Bobby has done an admirable job there as well.

Hang tough, Bobby, this ole' Yankee fan is pulling for you!

Quick update: I guess Bobby made it through and now begins his recovery, still pulling for you #1!


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