Thursday, December 28, 2006

Say a Prayer for No. 1

Update: The news is not good.
I'm still pullin' for you Bobby. I hope Red Sox nation can put aside our differences and pull for you as well....

God Bless #1

Bobby Murcer, was set to have brain surgery today, to remove a tumor.

The fans of Red Sox Nation probably don't remember much about Bobby, as he patrolled centerfield in Yankee Stadium at a time when The Rivalry, was pretty quiescent (69- 74).

As for me, he was a hero of my youth. Although he was saddled with the expectations of being, "the next Mickey Mantle", he was more like a precursor of dirt-dogs like Trot Nixon.

Though the Scooter will always be the radio voice of the Yankees for fans of my vintage, I have come to learn that Bobby has done an admirable job there as well.

Hang tough, Bobby, this ole' Yankee fan is pulling for you!

Quick update: I guess Bobby made it through and now begins his recovery, still pulling for you #1!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Rest In Peace, President Ford

I was saddened to hear that President Ford passed away.

His long list of accomplishments and honors during his 93-years will be well-chronicled elsewhere.

Mr. Ford holds special significance to me, in that he is the first presidential candidate I ever voted for. He lost that election to young Jimmy Carter but that set a precedent for my voting record.

Thirty years later, I have only ever voted for a single candidate who was elected Presdient of this great nation.

This country certainly could use leaders of Mr. Ford's strength, character and integrity today...

Monday, December 04, 2006


So, I'm in the midst of my 3rd year at my current gig, at EMC2 in Nashua, NH.
I've pretty much spent the entire time working on our Email archiving product line.

For the third straight year, I've signed up to go to LotusSphere in Orlando, next month.
The past two years, I had to bow out at the last minute, mainly due to other work pressures. Though our products support Domino, and I sometimes dabble and consult/troubleshoot, it's not my main focus on a daily basis.

I attended the first half dozen or so LotusSpheres, as a member of the development team. I haven't been back since I left IBM, shortly after LotusSphere in 1999, just as R5 was wrapping up.

They all sort of run together in my mind, apart from the very first one, which was held at a different time of year and was much, much smaller than all the subsequent ones...

I think it would be fun to go back, and see how things have evolved in the past 8 years ( has it really been that long???). It will be kind of weird standing on the outside looking in. I hope to connect with some old friends and make some new ones. I might even make it this year.

Any one know if the Lotus Notes (aka Red Box Panic) have a gig this year??