Sunday, September 28, 2008

Week 4 Picks

KC + 9.5 over Denver
Cincy -1 over Cleveland
Jax -6.5 over Houston
Arizona +1 over Jets
SanFran +4.5 over New Orleans
Carolina -6.5 over Atlanta
Tennessee -3 over Carolina
Tampa Bay -2 over Green Bay
St. Louis +8.5 over Buffalo
San Diego -8 over Oakland
Washington +10 over Dallas
Philly -3 over Chicago
Baltimore +5 over Pittsburgh

Last week: 11-5
Year to date: 29-18

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Week 3 Picks

The Pats, as expected, are the class of the AFC East, even without Mr. Brady, though Buffalo looks like they could provide a challenge.
The Giants have their work cut out for them in the NFC East, which is a beast this year. I fully expect the Gints, Eagles and 'Boys to all make the playoffs and will be surprised if two of those three do not meet for the NFC Championship.

On to the picks...

K.C. +6 over Atlanta
Oakland +9.5 over Buffalo
Tennessee -4.5 over Houston
Washington -3 over Arizona
Miami +12.5 over New England
Tampa Bay +3 over Chicago
Carolina +3 over Minnesota
St. Louis +9.5 over Seattle
San Francisco -4.5 over Detroit
New Orleans +5.5 over Denver
Pittsburgh +3.5 over Philly
Jax +5 over Indy
Cleveland +2 over Baltimore
Dallas -3 over Green Bay
San Diego -8.5 over NYJets
Cincy +13.5 over NYGiants

Went with the big dogs this week (Cincy, Miami, St. Louis,..) on the expectation that things will settle down and parity will continue to reign.

Last week: 10-5
Yeart to date: 18-13

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Week 2 Picks

Kansas City -3.5 over Oakland
Tennessee+1 over Cincninnati
Minnesota +1.5 over Indianapolis
Washington (PK) over New Orleans
Detroit +3 over Green Bay
NYGiants -8.5 over St. Louis
Buffalo +4.5 over Jacksonville
Tampa Bay -7 over Atlanta
SanFrancisco +6.5 over Seattle
Miami +6.5 over Arizona
New England +1 over NYJets
Denver (PK) over San Diego
Cleveland +6.5 over Pittsburgh
Philadelphia +6.5 over Dallas
Baltimore Houston postponed

Last week: 8-8
Year to date: 8-8

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Week 1 Picks

Here goes:

NYG -5 over Washington (Freebie)
Baltimore +2 over Cincy
NYJ -3 over Miami
KC +16 over NewEngland
Pittsburgh -6.5 over Houston
Tenn +3 over Jax
Detroit -3 over Atlanta
Seattle +1 over Buffalo
NewOrleans -3 over Tampa
Philly -8.5 over St.Louis
Cleveland +6 over Dallas
SD -9 over Carolina
SanFrancisco +2.5 over Arizona
Indy -9.5 over Chicago
Minnesota +2 over Green Bay
Oakland +3 over Denver